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Ice Cube Spits Facts On The Breakfast Club

Ice Cube Hits The Breakfast Club Virtual, Talks Contract With Black America, Reconstructing The System + More

Ice Cube took a moment to drop some knowledge on The Breakfast Club, discussing police reform, societal change, and more.

Cube has always been vocal regarding racism and the hip hop mogul recently presented a “Contract For Black America,” a detailed plan for addressing racism in America.

The West Coast icon unveiled the latest version of the contract on Twitter on Sunday (July 19), writing, “we’ve been working with a lot of experts and great people during these last few weeks. The document is much stronger and much more detailed. We will continue towards perfection.”

The 22-page document begins by calling for “a complete paradigm shift in how we run our institutions and operate our country,” and extensively outlined provisions that would combat racial inequality across several areas, including education, legislation, and police reform.


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