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It's Getting Serious: Nicki Minaj shuts down Tomi Lahren "Are you Native American? You fkn clown"

Nicki Minaj Is Ready to put them hands on Tomi Lahren she keeps talking iish, all this

Over 21 Savage Comments....

A lot of unconscionable bullshit happened this week, including arguably the most abysmal attempt at a Super Bowl halftime "show" in history. Also, 21 Savage was taken into ICE custody, at which point a bunch of idiots decided that joking about the very real Trumpism era issue of deportation was a thing that they should do.

One such person was Tomi Lahren (a.k.a. Toyota Lasagna, et al.), who had exactly the sort of eyeroll-inducing response we've come to expect from that side of things. In a tweet, she attempted to repurpose an instaclassic 21 Savage hook into a joke about that aforementioned very real issue of deportation. Though it pains me to do so, I've embedded that tweet below for clarity's sake. Feel free to scroll past it while ignoring every word.


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