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Jadakiss Admits He’s Scared Shitless Of Horror Movies: “I’m an only child so I grew up by myself”

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

The Yonkers rap legend reveals his fear of horror movies “till this day”

Lol: Jadakiss gives hilarious reason for not “liking horror films”

Jadakiss isn't a fan of horror movies.

On Tuesday (April 11), the one-third of ‘The Lox’ sat down with Sway in the Morning alongside Set Free where he admitted to the horror film phobia.

“I am absolutely scared shitless of horror films,” he said on Sway in the Morning at around the 24:55 minute mark. “Besides my name being Jason, I want nothing to do with horror films. I’m scared to death, I hate horror films.”

Jadakiss explained that he had a bad experience watching them as a kid since he didn’t have any siblings. “I’m an only child so I grew up by myself. I would be at my cousins’ cribs or we’d go to the movies and I gotta go home alone. They got siblings, they good.”

Jada added, “I’m in there I’m seeing Michael Myers, and hearing the closets are shaking, my mom don’t come home ’til 12. I had one of them kind of bad experiences with scary movies.”

However, Kiss’ figured out one way to avoid his childhood trauma. He now either watches them on mute or plays a different soundtrack to switch up the vibe.

“Once I was able to get them out of my mind, but now the cool thing with a horror flick, if you turn the sound off, it’s really a comedy,” he told Sway. “Turn the music off it’s not scary you can put your own soundtrack to it and it really won’t affect you too much.”

He continued, “Them eerie horn pianos and strings and all of that stuff really stays with you. I ain’t a fan of horror flicks.”

See Jadakiss’ full interview with Sway Calloway below.


Ironically, Jada’s government name is Jason and he made the Freddy vs Jason-inspired Friday on Elm Street project with Fabolous, back in 2017... but don’t expect Kiss to watch any more scary films.


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