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Kanye West’s allegedly ‘Jealous’ over Kim Kardashian & Tom Brady dating rumors

Ye is rumored to have reacted to Tom Brady dating his Ex-wife.

Kanye West’s alleged “jealous” over rumors that Kim Kardashian, is dating former NFL legend Tom Brady

Reports is claiming, Kanye West’s upset about rumors Kim Kardashian is dating Tom Brady.

According to recent reports, from “Daily Mail” and “Entertainment Tonight” alleged Kanye West is seeing green after reports began to swirl about his ex-wife Kim Kardashian dating Tom Brady.

Ye reportedly “has been jealous over the reports about Kim and Tom,” an insider told Entertainment Tonight.

“E Tonight” also adds that Tom Brady's ex, supermodel Gisele Bündchen, “is taking everything with a grain of salt.”

“Her main focus is to have a healthy and balanced co-parenting relationship with Tom,” the source says of Gisele. “She wishes him the best and wants him to be happy.”

“There isn’t anything romantic going on between them,” the source says of the rumored couple per Entertainment Tonight. “Both of their priorities are their families. Kim has just been having fun and enjoying her summer.”


A photo circulated on social media of Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady fraternizing at Michael Rubin’s Fourth of July party in the Hamptons after rumors that the two stars had been flirting at the fête.

An anonymous tipster sent a photo to gossip Instagram Deuxmoi of Kardashian, 42, and Brady, 45, clearly conversing with each other at the star-studded white party.

“I’ve been seeing some posts speculate whether or not Kim and Tom actually spent time together at the party and I wasn’t gonna send this initially bc it felt creepy but I do have a photo of them together lol,” the anonymous tipster said in the post. While neither of their faces were visible in the sneaky snap.


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