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Kanye West tells Drake and Kendrick Lamar: “There Is Only One Goat, I stand by me.”

Ye said he “washed K Dot on 'The Life of Pablo' song “No More Parties In LA.

Kanye West aka Ye claims He ‘Washed’ Kendrick Lamar & Drake: ‘There Is Only One GOAT’

YE is throwing himself into Kendrick Lamar and Drake's alleged beef, and says everyone knows he's better than both of them.

On Thursday (March 28), the Yeezy founder hopped on his Instagram Story to insert himself into the conversation surrounding Kendrick Lamar and Drake's alleged feud. In a lengthy post, Ye argued he is better than everyone, and that he was the true rap G.O.A.T.

“Everyone knows I washed Kendrick on No More Parties in LA,” Ye began. “Everyone knows I washed Drake at the Free Hoover Concert. Everyone knows I brought Adidas into this culture and I took them out.”

He went on to say, “I made Yeezus, Dark Fantasy, Pablo, Graduation, Throne, 808s. I made Runaway, Devil in a New Dress, Father Stretch. I am the only person to come back to number one after cancelation. There is only one goat. I stand by me. My friends call me Ye.”

Ye didn’t stop there, as he boasted about bringing Adidas back to cultural relevance and then taking them out since the apparel giant severed ties with him in 2022. “Everyone knows I brought Adidas into this culture and I took them out,” Ye wrote.

After claiming he invented every genre of music over the past two decades, Kanye reminded fans about his contributions along with his comeback to reach the mountaintop of the charts following his series of controversies and antisemitic remarks that caused many companies to split from the polarizing Chicago-bred mogul.


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