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Kendrick Lamar and Akon supports Kanye West vow to run for president in 2024:

Rewind: “Black Friday” joint Kendrick Lamar told you in 2015:——“I'm yelling Mr. Kanye West for president”

Kanye West Insists He's Running for President in 2024, even asks crowd 'What Y'all Laughing At?'

Watch at (24:30) here.

Remember when Kendrick Lamar backs Kanye West for President ‘Black Friday’ (Nov.27.2015)

Compton-rapper throws support behind Kanye West’s presidential run on his ferocious version of J. Cole’s “A Tale of 2 Citiez”

In Lamar’s song, he takes the chance to get behind the idea of Kanye West as President and raps: at the 1:31 mark “I’m yelling Mr. Kanye West for president/ He probly let me get some head inside the residence/ I’m in the White House goin’ all out/ Bumping College Dropout, yellin’ God bless Americans.”

Are you voting for Ye if he's on the ballot?

On Monday (Nov. 18), The Real to speak Akon recently stopped by The Real Show and had some interesting things to say about Kanye West running for president. He's "Not Crazy"

Loni Love brought up Kanye West to Akon, asking him if he could beat Kanye in a presidential run, considering Kanye also has plans to run in 2024.

“Well I don’t think it would be a competition, I honestly need him to run,” Akon explained. “Kanye is not crazy, he’s just been awakened. From a spiritual state, I just feel like he’s awake now. Now he’s the most amazing marketer in the world. He understands his audience, but he’s definitely not crazy, he knows what he’s doing. My thing is, if he does run, it’s great for the culture. Now if you think he’s not fit, that’s another thing, that’s why you got me as another choice.”

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