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Kevin Gates Drops New Song ‘Power’ f/ Dermot Kennedy

Kevin Gates Returns With New Single ‘Power’ Featuring A native of County Dublin singer Dermot Kennedy.

Kevin Gates and Dermot Kennedy join forces for a brand new song called “Power”.

Gates is getting ready for the release of his next studio album, titled Khaza after his son's given name. He's been teasing its arrival for the last few weeks, dropping "Weeks" during the leadup. Today, he follows up with his new single "Power".

“Power” is an emotion-filled melody, with sensual lyrics deriving from Gates’ allure to a woman. Kevin details the underlying meaning behind “Power,” as identifying ones weakness, “by admitting what it is that has power over you, thus allowing it to become one of your greatest strengths.”

Listen to it below and stay tuned for more from Kevin Gates as we near the release of Khaza.


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