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Kevin Gates mistaken entire interview would be serious but ends up “crying from laughter”

Kevin Gates cries from laughing in Sundae conversation interview.

Kevin Gates wasn’t able to stop laughing while appearing on Barstool’s “Sundae Conversation.”

Kevin Gates had a tough time holding his composure throughout a latest interview and laughed himself into tears.

Baton Rouge native was a guest on the new episode of Barstool Sports' Sundae Conversation With Caleb Pressley on Sunday (Oct. 30). Caleb's interviews are very non-serious and revolve around him asking guests funny and awkward questions. Apparently, Gates didn't get the memo.

Gates is tasked with guessing if the present’s portly cohost is doing dance strikes from Elvis Presley or Gates’ personal sexually-simulating actions on stage. After the man offers his greatest impression of Gates’ “dick all in her stomach” dance, the BWA boss doubles over in laughter and may’t cease himself.

“Forgive me,” Kevin Gates tells the hosts whereas wiping away tears. “I used to be making an attempt preserve my composure. However I am nonetheless occupied with him, I am nonetheless occupied with what you was speaking about earlier. Forgive me.”

“I actually got here into the interview pondering this was gonna be severe,” Gates provides because the tears proceed. “My staff ain’t even inform me nothing. They was like, ‘Yea, this going to be an actual severe interview’…Yeah, they tricked me.”

Watch Kevin Gates interview on Sundae Conversation with Caleb Pressley above.

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