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Lil Durk calls himself Chicago's Jay-Z in New song ‘The Voice’

Lil Durk Labels Himself Chicago’s Jay-Z On His Motivating New Single, ‘The Voice’

“I’m Durkio, but I’m Chicago’s JAY-Z.”

Lil Durk Premieres New Song and Music Video "The Voice"

Today Durk returns with a new single and music video for “The Voice” where he proclaims himself, “Chicago’s JAY-Z.” Durk celebrates his city with a number of luxury sports cars and spending some time on a private jet. He waxes about his time spent in quarantine and reminisces on surviving shootouts with police. His melodies are as on-point as ever with just the right amount of autotune filtering his vocals on the refrain. Electric guitar hits in the backdrop for a minimalist but worthwhile intro to whatever project he plans on dropping next.

Watch Durk’s new music video “The Voice” below and stream his latest single.


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