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Lil Wayne kicks off Lil WeezyAna Fest 2019' in two days | Saturday 9.7.19

Lil Wayne's 5th annual artist curated festival, Lil WeezyAna Fest, take places in his hometown of New Orleans on September 7th, 2019.

Get tickets here 'Lil WeezyAna Fest

“Lil WeezyAna Fest 2019”: Lineup

The number of artists hosting their own festivals has grown so much over the last half-decade. Post Malone, Travis Scott, Tyler, The Creator, and so many more have their own dedicated fests and the trend doesn't appear to be coming to an end anytime soon. Lil Wayne is the proud host of his Lil WeezyAna Fest and this year, he's bringing along a slew of the hottest acts in hip-hop today. 


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