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Martin Lawrence Roasted by the Internet for being Overweight in the new Bad Boys 3 For Life Trailer

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have returned for a third Bad Boys movie, Bad Boys for Life, announced Wednesday. Internet reacts how different Martin Lawrence looks who plays the character Marcus Burnett. Martin gets roasted on twitter compares to Big Momma's House.

“Martin Lawrence Gets Brutally Roasted on the new Bad Boys For Life Film Trailer”

It's only a Trailer launched and Martin Lawrence has already been trolled.

Martin is being ridiculed on Twitter for looking exact like Big Momma. He's currently being roasted by a number of people, "says he's too Chubby" Stroll below to read Tweets.

Get ready. Bad Boys for Life will arrive in theaters on Jan. 17, 2020.

Watch the trailer below.


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