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NAS and Hit-Boy Teased A Snippet Of A New Collaboration ‘E.P.M.D.’

Nas & Hit-Boy Announce New Single ‘EPMD’: Listen to the Preview.

Nas & Hit-Boy Are Back In Business With Upcoming 'E.P.M.D.' Collaboration

Nas and Hit-Boy are back cooking new material and have announced that they are dropping a new single ‘EPMD’ this Friday.

The Queens rapper and the producer-rapper via took to Twitter on Monday evening (Feb. 8) to preview the new song from the studio. “E.P.M.D. we back in business / I visualize what it is not what it isn’t / We at the mafia table next to the kitchen / Eating Michelin Star, counting a million,” the legendary emcee raps over Hit-Boy production.


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