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NAS embraces UK rapper ‘Not Relevant’ comments by releasing collab with 21 Savage “One Mic One Gun”

21 Savage and Nas are burying a mini-controversy “with love, respect and unity”

21 Savage & Nas Unite on “One Mic One Gun” following 21 saying Queens Legend Is ‘Not Relevant’

Nas and 21 Savage were at the center of a minor controversy earlier this month. In a conversation hosted by Jay-Z on the audio chat app Clubhouse, 21 shared thoughts on Nas’ place within the modern rap landscape: “I don’t feel like he’s relevant. I just feel like he got a loyal fan base. He still makes good music.” This in turn led to a comparison between Nas and Jay-Z’s standing within current pop culture, wherein every new Jay verse is met with microscopic attention and rhapsodic praise whereas new Nas music does not move the needle the same way.

Nas shared some wisdom and positivity on Instagram on Tuesday (Nov. 29.),osting the cover art and writing, “Only way we moving is with love, respect and unity. The foundational principles of hip hop. Excited to collaborate with my young brother and I hope more artist use turbulent moments and turn them into a time to make new art. That’s what it’s about.”

Now Nas and 21 have put a stop to the online histrionics by collaborating on a new single.

“One Mic, One Gun” is produced by Nas’ frequent collaborator Hit-Boy, and you can hear it below.

Stream Nas and 21 Savage’s “One Gun One Mic” below.


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