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NBA-Rap Beef: Damian Lillard and Marvin Bagley III exchange diss tracks in battle for NBA's best MC

Damian Lillard and Marvin Bagley III exchange battle raps on social media

On Thursday morning, Sacramento Kings big man Marvin Bagley III appeared on First Take, speaking on the 2019 NBA draft and a variety of topics. One of those topics was Bagley's rap prowess, as outlined in this exchange with Max Kellerman:

Damian Lillard is cold-blooded on and off the basketball court and he proved that again Thursday night.

Watch: On Thursday’s “First Take,” Sacramento Kings forward Marvin Bagley III said he was a “better MC” than Lillard and that he’d welcome a “battle” with him.

Damian Lillard - MARVINNNNNN??? (AUDIO)

Marvin Bagley III - No Debate (AUDIO)

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