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Nick Cannon responds to critics calling him “Mariah’s hype man!” in New L.A. Leakers freestyle

Nick Cannon says "I take care of all my kids" in L.A Leakers freestyle.

Nick Cannon’s L.A. Leakers Freestyle Over UGK’s “Int’l Players Anthem”

Justin Credible and DJ Sourmilk for the 146th instalment of their freestyle series. The Comedian/actor shows off his rapping skills over the beats of EARTHGANG’s “Power” and the UGK classic “Int’l Player’s Anthem.”

Nick Cannon stopped by the L.A. Leakers on Tuesday to spit some bars over EarthGang’s “Power,” & UGK and OutKast’s 2007 “Int’l Players Anthem,” and took a dig at all of the haters who’ve criticized his lifestyle choices over the years.

“I’m over here painting pictures and y’all worried about the captions,” Nick spit as he meandered over EARTHGANG’s “Power.”

“Just read below right here, in the comments, and I promise, it’s happening,” he continues. “They got’ be like, “That n-gga ain’t snappin’, Cannon give up on that rappin’, that’ll never go platinum, but my haters say I’m overrated, y’all quit all of that cappin’! Ain’t no way a n-gga from Nickelodeon going’ to be flowin’ like that man. ‘He too old to do that again, need to go back to hosting shows, and being Mariah’s hype man!’”

He continued to rap about how he takes care of all his kids, which is often a talking point for critics who over the years have condemned him for having 8 kids with different women, (he currently has another on the way with Bri Tiesi).

“I got you for life and I’ll always be there, all of my children will always be friends, even if they mama’s is not in agreeance,” he raps.

Check out Nick Cannon's full L.A. Leakers freestyle below.

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