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Pastor Paula White Awarded with “Donkey of the Day” For Calling On Angels To Bring Trump Victory

Pastor Paula White calls on angels from Africa and South America to bring Trump victory.

Charlamagne, Slapped Pastor Paula White with “Donkey of the Day” For Calling On African Ancestors To Bring Trump Victory.

During the service, which was streamed on Facebook Live, White-Cain called on "angelic reinforcement" from the continents of Africa and South America.

"I hear a sound of victory, the Lord says it is done," she said. "For angels have even been dispatched from Africa right now... In the name of Jesus from South America, they're coming here."

Charlamagne Tha God went in on Paula White this week after Trump's spiritual adviser Paula White prayed for 'angels from Africa' to cement Trump's re-election.

“So it's not lost on me that Paula names is Paula White Cain, [CAIN] the first born son of Adam and Eve who killed his brother Abel because he was jealous.”, Charlamagne said.

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