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R. Kelly secretly dropped new album ‘I Admit It’ from prison & Boosie Badazz loves it

A Mysterious R. Kelly Album, 'I Admit It,' lands on streaming platforms as artist remains in prison.

R. Kelly reportedly has a new album out on digital streaming platforms

R. Kelly releases new album while in federal prison for sex crimes.

R. Kelly just released a surprise new album from prison titled I Admit It, the new 13-track compilation scrapes the barrel of recent online releases.

On Friday (December 9), a new album from the incarcerated R&B singer, listed as being distributed through Legacy Records, came out on DSP. His first album since 2016, the project contains 13 tracks, with the final three being a trilogy titled “I Admit It (I Did It).” On the second song in the installment, Kelly admits he “fuck with” “young ladies.”

Kelly remains incarcerated on charges of sex trafficking. In June, he was sentenced to 30 years behind bars.

In I Admit It, Kelly doesn't confess to sexual crimes - rather he admits that he 'f****d a couple of fans'.

He then hits back at his victims' stories of being imprisoned and deprived of food.

Boosie Badazz shared video of himself listening to R. Kelly’s new album: ‘I Admit It,” the Baton Rouge rapper seemingly loves it.

In addition, to R. Kelly I Admit It project, were initially released in 2018 on SoundCloud as one 19-minute track but now arrive on Apple Music, Spotify and elsewhere. The song was pulled from SoundCloud and YouTube after Kelly was arrested on federal sex crime charges in 2019, and he was subsequently blocked from YouTube and dropped from his record label.


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