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rapper Vic Mensa dresses as Drag Queen In New Video '3 Years Sober'

Vic Mensa's Shares Questionable? Political New Rock Video Will Shake Up Hip-Hop

93PUNX, Vic Mensa, Travis Barker - 3 Years Sober

“The ‘3 Years Sober’ video is a statement about identity,” said Mensa. “I put on a confederate flag dress to be able to laugh at a symbol of hate, and played tug of war with Mike Pence over birth control. I had my face written on to get ahead of everything I know people will say about me and had a diner full of BBQ Becky’s call the police on me for using the women’s bathroom. I know some in hip hop culture will see this and say ‘Vic’s gay’ (which I’m not), whereas if I was white they’d just say ‘he’s a rockstar.’ 93PUNX is about being yourself, fuck what people think.”


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