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Ray J May Take Legal Action Against Kim Kardashian For Allegedly Lying About Retrieved Sex Tape

Ray J breaks his silence apparently the video of Kanye West giving Kim Kardashian remaining footage of her sex tape is a lie.

Ray J Accuses Kanye West & Kim Kardashian of Lying About Retrieved Sex Tape

The Mississippi singer-songwriter, and entrepreneur is responding to a clip from Thursday's episode of The Kardashians regarding his 2007 sex tape with Kim K.

In the clip below, Kim, got emotional as she alleged that ex-husband Kanye West, 44, retrieved a hard drive containing rumored unreleased footage of the sex tape (which was filmed while Kim and Ray J were dating in 2003 and went public in 2007) from the singer at an L.A. airport and brought it to her in New York City.

The latest episode of KUWTK documents the time back in October 2021, where Kanye West brought Kim Kardashian a suitcase, which he said contained the remaining footage of the 2007 sex tape that helped shoot Kim Kardashian into the spotlight.

So, Kanye went home last night, and he came back this morning,” a teary-eyed Kim tells her friends and family in the scene. “I want to show you guys what he got me.”

She then opens up a suitcase to reveal a laptop and a hard drive.

“He got me all of the sex tape back,” Kim says. “He flew home, and he got the computer and the hard drive, and met up with Ray J at the airport and got it back.”

On Thursday night (April 28), the Raycon founder commented under a Hollywood Unlocked post about the recent video, which aired on Hulu as a dramatic scene on the latest episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

“All of this is a lie,” Ray J commented under the post, later implying he could no longer sit silent. “SMH. Can't let them do this anymore. So untrue.”

Despite multiple reports circulating on social media, In regards to the film it remains unclear if Ray J seeking legal action.

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