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Reginae Carter says JAY-Z is the only rapper who can Match Lil Wayne Hit for Hit verzuz battle

A Jay-Z and Lil Wayne verzuz battle sounds nice "possible competitors".

Reginae knows her father has songs for days & Hits, says Hov the only one could go up against him in a “Verzuz battle”

Lil Wayne‘s daughter was asked who she would like to see her dad go up against,

Even though Nae Nae says it’s the new rappers’ time right now, none of them can be compared to her pops, but if she did have to see someone go hit for hit with Wayne it would need to be JAY-Z.

Weezy has always enjoyed a competitive relationship with Jay-Z when it comes to hip-hop, back in (Feb 1st) Wayne joined Drink Champs and Hov became the topic of conversation, N.O.R.E. brought up a text from Jay-Z that had the Brooklyn native questioning his place in rap following Wayne's 2007 "Dough Is What I Got" freestyle over "Show Me What You Got."

“When he rapped on ‘Show Me What You Got,’ I had to take a long walk and look at myself in the mirror," N.O.R.E. recalled Jay saying. “I said, ‘Are you sure you still got this?’” The message caught Wayne off-guard, who never heard that story before. “He didn’t say that part,” Weezy responded. “He just let me know, ‘Boy, you’re coming for me.'"

The New Orleans legend's friendship with Hov is stronger than ever, as Weezy stopped to properly salute Jay with some high praise. "I can't let another single word go without saying how genuine and how much of a man that guy is," he said. "That's a real man right there." 


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