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Report: Kodak Black Is Suing Federal Bureau for torture in prison

The South Fla-rapper claims he has suffered routine physical and emotional harassment from prison guards.

Kodak Black Sues Federal Bureau of Prisons For Torture and Humiliation

Kodak Black is launching a lawsuit against the Federal Bureau of prisons and the director and warden of Big Sandy, the high-security prison in Kentucky where the rapper is currently incarcerated,

according to a new TMZ report. The rapper was transferred to Big Sandy in 2019 after a violent confrontation with an inmate at a Miami prison. Kodak is suing the Federal Bureau of Prisons, its director, and the warden of Big Sandy, claiming that he has been tortured and has had his rights violated since he arrived a year ago.

The lawsuit mentions the incident where Big Sandy guards allegedly beat him down when he arrived, holding him and "flicking his testicles" during the attack.


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