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Rick Ross claims he’s just “a year away” from becoming Hip Hop’s next billionaire

The MMG founder explained how he plans to be hip-hop's next billionaire. In fact, he believes he can get that done as early as next year.

Ricky Rozay is confident that he will be Rap’s Next Billionaire

Rick Ross has announced that he is a year away from becoming a billionaire, which will place him among the company of JAY-Z, Kanye West and Diddy.

The Miami rap veteran, Rick Ross has put himself in the billionaire conversation. He previously talked about operating at a level that involves billions of dollars and has even referred to himself as a billionaire before. On Tuesday (November 7), the Miami rapper took to his Instagram Stories to announce that he’s only a few miles away from actually attaining that status.

“We racin’ to a billion, n***a,” Ross said. “I’m a year away. I’m a year away. Let’s go, baby!” While it may be difficult for him to do, it certainly isn't impossible. Ross has been making a ton of investments, and he wants to continue to do so. If those investments hit like he believes they will, then he will be well on his way to that billionaire status. Hopefully, for his sake, he is able to accomplish that goal on time.

Let us know if you think Rick Ross can become a billionaire next year, in the comments section below.


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