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Rick Ross reacts to Viral diving attempt at his Pool Party: “I Blew My Tire”

Rick Ross has addressed the viral video of his failed diving board attempt at his pool party.

Rick Ross reacts to Viral Footage of his Failed Diving Board Attempt

Rick Ross reposted the video on his Instagram Stories and admitted he botched the dive.

In a video circulating on social media, Rick Ross aka the Boss is seen attempting a dive at a pool party. Unfortunately, his knees had other plans.

Ross took to his Instagram Story on Monday (July 3) — addressing the viral video of his failed diving board attempt at his pool party. In the clip, the South Florida native is attempting a diving board trick when his knees give out and he plunges into the water instead. Many fans felt that Ross may have injured himself during his failed dive. However, Ross is okay aside from a bruised ego.

“I'm getting all the DMs this morning, 'Rozay I saw you do the dive, are you okay?’” he said. “Well, I'ma be honest, am I okay? Of course not, I blew my tire. I got on the stage, I was feeling the energy, all the support from all the baddies. The biggest pool in the country. I gave everybody my word I would do the double-decker slapper, I said that on my Stories earlier this week. The double-decker slapper. What is that? Who knows, I've never heard of it. I made it up on the diving board. I did a double bounce, and boy, my knee caught a flat.”

See video of Rick Ross reaction & failed diving board attempt below.


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