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Skit Comedian Druski teams up with Snoop Dogg for ‘Standin on Bihness’ music video

Druski has debuted the theme song series ‘Standin on Bihness’ featuring Snoop Dogg and DJ Drama.

Druski Taps Snoop Dogg for Hilarious New Single ‘Standin on Bihness’

Skit Comedian Druski unleashes Snoop Dogg & DJ Drama collaboration in “standin on bihness”

Last year, Druski went viral mocking those who claim to be “standing on business,” when in reality, they really don’t. The comedian continues to push his latest project, the Coulda Been House docuseries.

Druski called on Snoop Dogg and DJ Drama for their own version of “Standin on Bihness.” Snoop’s verse got people talking: “Sign on the dotted line/1% is yours, 99 is mine.”

“Snoop and Drama are legends in the game, so we had to go with the biggest for this collaboration. We wanted to set the tone right for Coulda Been House and make this the theme song for the series," Druski told Billboard of the song. "What better inspiration than from one of my most iconic skits based on how often dudes say Standin on Bihness in Atlanta, but usually don’t live by it."

Watch the music video for "Standin on Bihness" above.


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