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Snoop Dogg Crowns Kendrick Lamar “The King Of LA”

The West Coast legend has Kendrick's new album on heavy rotation.

Snoop Dogg Gives K-Dot His Flowers & Praises ‘Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers’

Snoop Dogg recently paid a visit to Logan Paul's Impaulsive podcast where he reflected on the day he passed the torch to Kendrick Lamar. He praised the new generation of rappers coming out on the West Coast right now. “

“I love it,” Snoop said. “I get a chance to stand back and watch the youngsters do what they do. I mean, I did my thing with it for 20-something years as far as being the king of the West Coast, gave the crown to Kendrick Lamar — I didn’t give it to him; actually, he took it, but I had to take it off my head and give it to him.

“And he’s been running wild with it and the music that’s been coming out from the West has been very, very good. It’s international, it’s not just regional, it’s not local no more; it’s global. So when I go across the world and I hear music from the West Coast, that makes me feel good to know that it’s constantly growing and it’s constantly being effective.”

The Doggfather then elaborated on his thoughts on Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers, calling the body of work "well thought out..”

“You know, when you take your time like that, that’s what you get. You notice he don’t come out every blue moon; he come out when he get ready and he makes sure he’s calculated with his thought process, with his visuals, his sound,” he said. “Kendrick is the sort of artist that is a part of the production. You can’t just send him a beat and say, ‘I wanna be on your album.’ He has to be in there with you, telling you how to make the music go, changing notes, where it’s stopping, where it’s breaking — he’s a part of the full process..”

Check the clip out below.

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