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Snoop Dogg Previews List Of 9-10 Features: Cardi B, Billie Eilish, Freddie Gibbs, & More

Snoop Dogg is working with a whole bunch of talented artists in the future.

Snoop is willing to hop on anything as long as the end result sounds nice. He's been known to dabble with different genres, especially at this stage of his career, and it looks like he'll be doing that again in the near future. The D-O-G-G showed his fans the list of verses he needs to complete and it covers a full sheet. The artists he'll be working with include:

Cardi B and Ozuna, Billie Eilish, Bangladesh,, and more. The most urgent verse is for Freddie Gibbs, meaning that Snoop is a possible feature on Bandana.

Out of all the names on his list, what are you most excited to hear? To be honest, a collaboration between Snoop Dogg and Billie Eilish looks so weird on paper but it might end up being pretty solid.


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