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T.I. Checks Comedian Godfrey “Don't Drop Salt & Hate”: feels threatened by The Rapper's Comedy

The Atlanta-bred rapper responds back to the Comedian-Actor Godfrey regarding his recent comments about the rapper performing a comedy set at his show.

T.I. Harris Sends a Message to Godfrey for Throwin’ Salt On His Stand-Up Comedy

T.I. is in his comedy bag, but the rapper is feeling the wraith from big timers comedians.

On Monday afternoon (February 21), the ATL spitter hit up Instagram live to call out individuals like Godfrey-the actor, writer, host, and standup comic who he believes hating on him for crossing over to comedy.

“As you may or may have not heard for the past 5 weeks now..I have been trying my hand at comedy and well for 5 weeks now I just been seeing isolated moments of salt dropping,” T.I. said.

“What God got for you its yours can't nobody take that from you...It's important that y'all know that because y'all feel like all of sudden I'm now standing on stage sharing my gifts with the world. utilizing the tools, and the skills that I've developed or I am developing you feel like that's in your way some kind of way.”

TIP added. “I see an interview with Godfrey...I saw a legend trying not to hate while hating.”

The IG video left many fans agreeing with TIP and even the legendary comedian Donnell Rawlings comment. “Welcome t the world of comedy son, people think it's no room for anybody else, keep banging son,” Donnell Rawlings wrote.

Here's the interview from Godfrey's bashing T.I. Stand-Up comedy.

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