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Taylor Swift joins Jay-Z, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Tyler Perry, LeBron James, Magic Johnson and More on Forbes 2024 Billionaires List

JAY-Z and Rihanna‘s current net worths have been revealed in Forbes ‘2024 edition of their celebrity billionaires list.

Taylor Swift has officially joined Forbes’ Billionaire List, Becoming the First musician to do so solely based on her songs and performing.

Taylor Swift joins Jay-Z, Oprah, Rihanna, Tyler Perry & Steven Spielberg on Forbes 2024 Billionaires List.

In a report published by Forbes on Tuesday (April 2), Hov and RiRi both rank among the 10 wealthiest celebrities on the planet.

The list also features Magic Johnson ($1.2 billion), LeBron James ($1.2 billion), Kim Kardashian ($1.7 billion) and Oprah Winfrey ($2.8 billion).

Leading the way as the three richest celebrities are Michael Jordan with $3.2 billion, Steven Spielberg with $4.8 billion and George Lucas with $5.5 billion.


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