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The legend André 3000 spotted randomly with a flute during Labor Day Weekend

André 3000 in the city streets during Labor Day Weekend.

The rapper has been spotted with his flute "at least a dozen times" in Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

André 3000 boasts a commendable resume. The 45-year-old born André Benjamin is one half of Outkast, one of the most iconic rap groups of all time. He’s also an actor, starring as Jimi Hendrix in 2013’s All Is by My Side, last year appearing in Claire Denis’ 2019 sci-fi art film High Life. Now**,** the iconic rapper has added becoming a flautist to his repertoire. That alone is an incredible development and it's even better to realize one of the men behind Stankonia now walks around public places showing off his new talent.

On (Sept 4), The ever-enigmatic Atlanta rapper and was spotted Friday half of the hip-hop duo OutKast posted by [via] jeffstaple Lunch with a goat & his flute.


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