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Watch Drake & 21 Savage “Spin Bout U” / Lil Wayne & Swizz Beatz “Kant Nobody” Music Video

Young Money dropped on Friday.

Stream: Lil Wayne x Swizz Beatz “Kant Nobody” / Drake x 21 Savage “Spin Bout U”

New visuals from Lil Wayne & Drake on the same day.

Lil Wayne has shared the new song with visual “Kant Nobody,” featuring the late rapper DMX. Avenue and Swizz Beatz co-produced the single. Wayne acknowledges his collaborators on the track’s hook: “Best rapper, ex-trapper, dress dapper/Swizzy gave me a headbanga, a neck snappa/X-factor, make a rapper an example/All I need is a beat with a DMX sample.”


Drake and 21 Savage also released new music video. On Friday, Drake and 21 Savage unleashes the film-like visual for “Spin Bout U,” a standout from their joint 2022 album, Her Loss.

The Dave Meyers-directed video follows rap duo's chilling on a private yacht before the two notice a girl drowning in the ocean. After bringing her onboard, the woman seduces Drake (and blows some sleeping drugs in his face) as her fellow pirates get on board to rob the two.


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