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Watch Kevin Hart hurt Don Cheadle soul after actor reveals his age “DAMN”

Hart to Heart | Season 1 Episode 2 w/ Don Cheadle

Kevin Hart Headlines His New Talk-Show ‘Hart to Heart’, Exclusively on Peacock

Kevin Hart can now add talk show host to his resume.

Kevin Hart's talk show Hart to Heart premiered on NBC's Peacock streaming service on Aug 5. And during an episode set to air on Aug 12, Marvel actor Don Cheadle opens up about his evolution as an aspiring jazz musician and his early theater work.

In newly episode 2: Kevin Hart hilariously roasted Don Cheadle─“And me I'm 56 years old”, Cheadle says. Then Kevin Hart "immediately" responded "DAMN" and Apologized I'm sorry.

Watch the exclusive clip above, and be sure to check out the next episode of Hart to Heart on Aug. 12 only on Peacock.


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