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Young Thug’s attorney Brian Steel taken into custody & held in contempt during YSL RICO trial

Young Thug's attorney Brian Steel arrested on Monday, held in contempt of court.

Brian Steel was escorted out of the courtroom after refusing to tell Judge Ural Glanville how he learned of the meeting.

Young Thug’s lawyer held in contempt, ordered to spend 10 weekends in jail.

Jeffery Williams aka Young Thug attorney has been taken into custody and held in contempt during court proceedings for the ongoing YSL RICO case.

According to a report by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Monday (June 10), Brian Steel confronted Judge Ural Glanville about a private conversation reportedly held between Glanville, prosecutors and one of the state’s star witnesses before court that morning.

When questioned about how he learned of the meeting, Steel refused to share his source and was thus escorted out of the courtroom.

“You got some information you shouldn’t have gotten,” Glanville said to Steel before directing courtroom deputies to take him into custody.

Steel then told the judge that he’s “not supposed to have communication with a witness who’s been sworn” in reference to Kenneth Copeland, who spent the weekend in jail after refusing to testify on Friday (June 7) despite having an immunity deal that is contingent on his testimony.

Additionally, Steel was ordered to report to the troubled Rice Street facility by 7 p.m. Friday. He asked Glanville if he could spend the his weekends with his client at the Cobb County Jail instead so they could work on their case. Glanville said he was OK with that and offered to talk to the sheriff.


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