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Young Thug’s lawyer reportedly files motion to remove Judge Ural Glanville from YSL RICO case

Jeffery Williams aka Young Thug attorney files motion to remove judge from case, calls for mistrial.

Young Thug's Lawyer Files Motion to Remove Judge From YSL RICO Case

The atlanta rapper and attorney Brian Steel also seek a mistrial over an alleged secret meeting Judge Ural D. Glanville held with co-defendant Kenneth "YSL Woody" without others present.

Brian Steel filed the motion on Monday (June 17), to “disqualify/recuse” Chief Superior Court Judge Ural Glanville from the case. The motion also calls for a mistrial.

According to court documents reviewed by TMZ, Steel filed paperwork on Monday seeking the removal of Judge Ural D. Glanville from the YSL RICO case, claiming misconduct and insisting he cannot receive a fair trial otherwise.

Per ThuggerDaily, the motion alleges, "The court has joined the prosecutors' team and is biased against Mr. Williams and favorable to the prosecutors as objectively demonstrated on June 10, 2024, as well as throughout the pendency of this case."


Young Thug, born Jeffery Lamar Williams, and Steel—who was recently held in contempt and arrested in court for alleging judicial misconduct—argue that Judge Glanville may have held a secret meeting with a co-defendant Kenneth “YSL Woody” Copeland without others present.

While the judge didn’t deny that the meeting took place, Steel was detained on June 10 after he refused to disclose how he learned about the meeting. 

Steel was originally sentenced to spend 20 days in Fulton County Jail, serving on weekends only, beginning Friday, June 14. However, he was granted bond in an emergency motion on June 12 and did not have to report to jail while his contempt of court charge is being appealed.

Steel and Thug are also reported to have called for a mistrial. A ruling on the new motion is still pending.


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