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Bobby Shmurda teases fans with a Countdown Prison Release on Website

Bobby Shmurda is gearing up for his release from prison.

Bobby Shmurda fans spot mysterious 'prison release date'

The Brooklyn-rapper is reportedly slated to be released from prison in December 2020, but his website has fans thinking he could be released sooner. On Bobby Shmurda’s website, uploading a new mystery countdown that ends on August 4. In the caption, it reads “how long can you wait?”

There’s a possibility the countdown could be for a new single or some sort of collaboration. Take a look:

Back in 2016, Bobby Shmurda plead guilty to murder conspiracy charges and accepted a 7-year deal that included time served. In an interview that same year, Bobby explained why he took a longer sentence. His answer was due to loyalty.

I did it for Rowdy. They offered me five and offered Rowdy 12. They said the only way they’ll give him seven is if I took seven too. So, you know, I had to take one for the dawgs.”

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