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DMX “What They Really Want” classic joint trends on Twitter with a #DMXChallenge

Women on twitter starts DMX Challenge using his 2000 classic “What They Really Want”

2000: "What They Really Want" Was A Masterpiece

The summer of 2000 was a hot one.

Rap legend by the name of DMX teamed up with Sisqó the Dragon and made it even hotter. Sixteen years ago, X released “What They Really Want?” the third single from his third album.

'What They Really Want' Becomes Newest Trend Challenge:

DMX is a legend, and should be respected as such. His style was brash, slightly arrogant, but always aggressive and gritty, and his music told the story of his pain. Whether he was saying a prayer, spitting a verse about shooting or robbing, or asking for forgiveness in general, X was one of those artists that drew you in with his words and his lyrics. His subject matter was a mix of gangsta rap, soul-searching, and gospel rap, but his voice and delivery made it all sound like pure street aggression, something the game hadn’t experienced in quite some time.

Check out the videos of X's fans"What They Really Want" challenge below.



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