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Drake responds to viral X-rated leaked video of the rapper “private parts” playing with himself

Drizzy Drake doing stuff to himself has leaked online.

Drake seemingly confirms It's Him in Leaked NSFW Video via Now-Deleted Instagram story post.

Explicit leaked video allegedly featuring the Grammy-winning artist Drake has prompted a volley of memes after it began circulating online.

On Tuesday, (Feb. 6.), The video titled ‘Drake Leaked Video’, which allegedly showed the singer filming himself while performing a lewd act, has gone viral online, leading Drake to trend on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Due to the explicit nature of the video, we will refrain from posting it here. Shortly after the video went viral, leading for Drake to trend online, several unsuspecting fans under the impression the rapper was trending over his leaked music viewed the clip, eliciting a barrage of traumatized reactions. The person responsible for the leak remains anonymous.


Kick Streamer, Adin Ross voice notes Drake as alleged video of the rapper leaks on social media.

Adin praised all of Drake’s good luck, and now adding that he has a “missile” – Drake quickly responded.

“He texted me, he put like eight laughing emojis,” Adin said. Drake then apparently added that Adin’s voice note “might be my next album intro.”

That was apparently all Drake had to say about the video, at least in response to streamer Adin Ross.

The video - shared by an unknown person - showed the bottom half of a man exposed and Drizzy's name ended up being brought into the equation.

And it didn't take long for fans of the rapper to flood to the internet in shock.

One X user wrote: "Drake said something at the end of this verse".

Another said: "not drake leaking his nude to distract y’all from the bbl allegations"

A third commented: You're a sick person if you enjoy watching Drake's lēaked video.


And a fifth added: "Drake is trending but it's not about music."


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