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New Movie 'Charm City Kings' starring Meek Mill's is On HBO Max stream it now (Oct. 8)

Charm City Kings (Now available to Stream).

The centered on the dirt bike culture in Baltimore was filmed entirely in the city.

Inspired by true events, Charm City Kings spotlights Baltimore’s dirt bike culture

‘Charm City Kings’: Coming-of-Age Drama Keeps Spinning It's Wheels,

A new film about to be released on HBO Max depicts a Baltimore teen facing some tough decisions — a life of crime, or a long walk on the straight and narrow.

In “Charm City Kings,” actor Jahi Di’Allo Winston plays Mouse, a city kid raised on the streets of west Baltimore. “I just wanted to show the humanity in marginalized communities specifically in Baltimore,” Winston said.

You can now Stream 'Charm City Kings' HBO Max watch it here.

HBO Max offers a free trial for the first 7 days when you sign up, for viewers looking to watch ‘Charm City Kings’ for free. We generally encourage audiences to pay for the content that they consume.


Jahi Di'Allo Winston, Meek Mill, William Catlett, Donielle T. Hansley Jr., Kezii Curtis, Chandler DuPont.

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