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Sacramento Kings’ Tristan Thompson goes viral dressing up as the late rapper Pop Smoke for Halloween

Former Cavs, Celtics Tristan Thompson goes viral, for looking like the Brooklyn-late rapper, Pop Smoke.

Tristan Thompson trends on Twitter for looking like “Pop Smoke”

After ‘Sacramento Kings’ Postgame video posted on Sunday (Oct. 31), of Tristan Thompson speaking about the team's start to this season, basketball fans joked that the power forward drew a striking resemblance to the late rapper in the video. During the press conference, the former Cavalier wore braids, a pair of shades that Pop would definitely have loved, and a velvety jacket.

He seemed to have pulled off the look for the most part. But not have the voice to emulate Pop to a ‘T’ but visually, he looked bang on.

NBA Twitter reacts to Tristan Thompson dressing up as Pop Smoke. Check out his look below.


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