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Snoop Dogg Links Up With Viral Self-Defense Survival Trainer Dale Brown

A firearm instructor named Dale Brown has been going viral on TikTok for his outrageous self-defense tactics and Snoop invited the self-defense guru over to his compound for a Mini-commercial.

Lol: A Man Reaches For Snoop Dogg's Blunt In Self-Defense Promo

The Self-defense man, aka Detroit Urban Survival coaching man, has linked up with the Long Beach MC on Tuesday.

Brown, founder of Detroit Urban Survival Training & the Detroit Threat Management Center is best known for sharing techniques in self-defense on his YouTube channel. While Brown has a large following, many have criticized the advice he offers and even mocked him.

In a recent Instagram post the Doggfather took to his Instagram account to thank Dale Brown for a self-defense promo: “@detriot_d.u.s.t Thank. U I”

Check out the full training with Snoop Dogg here below.


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