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Young Thug & Gunna kicked off private jet, claim racist pilot refuses to fly Atlanta artists to NYC

The pilot named Alex alleged that Gunna and Thug were being disruptive and disrespectful toward one of the flight crew, and kicked them off of the

Young Thug confronts pilot after getting kicked off a private jet

A private jet pilot refused to fly Young Thug and Gunna to New York City on Wednesday (Jan. 12), afternoon and kicked them off the plane─later, the cops pulled up.

This week, the rapper took to Instagram Live documenting an incident that took place on Paradise Jet In the he had with a pilot. The Atlanta rapper accused of being racist for kicking him and his crew off a private jet over not having proper identification and allegedly being disrespectful.

In the video below, it shows Thugga asking the pilot why he was kicked off the plane. “You said my friend couldn’t get on the plane because he didn’t have an ID,” Thug said. “Did he disrespect you?” he asked, which prompted the pilot to remind Thugger, “You cannot fly without an ID.”

Drake hopped on Thugga's Instagram live during the incident and offered to send him and Gunna a new plane to rectify the situation: “Hit me let's book a new 🅿️lane,” he commented.

Future even chimed in he tweeted “ALEX aint 🅿️” took aimed at the pilot.


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